YMCA Darlington Foyer

YMCA Darlington Foyer

Brit Sec provides round-the-clock security for the staff and service users at YMCA Darlington Foyer, a supported accommodation project in Darlington. The service centres around young single homeless people aged 16-25 with support needs, including those at risk of offending, or people with mental health needs, low self-esteem, or poor literacy and numeracy. Priority is given to those with a local connection.

Brit Sec’s specialist team at YMCA Darlington Foyer

A specialist staff team has been commissioned to undertake the complex role of Security Officer within this establishment. Brit Sec have had to ensure that all officers have the personality, communication, compassion and understanding of what is needed to work with vulnerable young people and those who are often disengaged from the community.

What is a Foyer?

Foyers provide a safe place for young people to live, learn and make the transition to independent adulthood. Foyers offer a something for something deal for young people usually between the ages of 16-25 who are in housing need with personal development and other services that enable young people to reconnect with learning, increase their employability, improve their health and wellbeing and develop their leadership potential.

The Foyer Federation was established in 1992, alongside the first five Foyers. Since then, the Foyer network has grown rapidly and now operates in over 120 urban and rural communities across the UK, providing safe, quality assured environments, where experts reconnect up to 10,000 young people each year with personal development opportunities.

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