The Crossing - Burton upon Trent

The Crossing – Burton upon Trent

Brit Sec provides Door Supervisors to this exclusive bar/restaurant, The Crossing, which is located in Burton upon Trent.

Brit Sec’s team at The Crossing

The relaxed environment at The Crossing means that the staff we supply must have excellent communication skills in order to meet and greet the venue’s customers – and ensure that their experience of the venue is pleasurable and safe.

Our Door Supervisors prevent crime and safeguard the public. From small pubs and bars to large nightclubs, venues and arenas, we have the experience and resources to provide you with fully trained, licensed and uniformed Door Supervisors.

About The Crossing

Customers can dine cosily within the eclectic decor-fusion of vintage neon lighting, imported Japanese Wallpapers and Victorian taxidermy, or enjoy wonderful drinks and bar foods with friends and family within the large bar area, which accommodates the real ale aficionados of north Staffordshire.

As depicted in the LS Lowry painting Level Crossing, the sympathetic restoration of this historic establishment has something for everyone. The building’s history traces back to the early days of brewing in the town in the 1850s, when an adjacent railway crossing was used to transport ales across the country.

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