Borneo the challenge of a lifetime

Taking on the Challenge of a Lifetime!

As part of it’s Community Engagement programme, Brit Sec has helped with the hopes and dreams of a local teenager to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

Ellie (16), is being sponsored by Brit Sec to travel to with 11 other students from Bosworth School who have committed to completing a 24 month programme of planning, money management and training in preparation for a life-changing expedition to Borneo in the summer of 2017. The developmental programme will encourage the students to learn about responsibility, leadership, planning, teamwork and both physical and emotional challenges. The trip is designed to be student-led, providing an experience which places students in a strong position to make the most of their future careers.

Borneo the challenge of a lifetime

Ellie - the challenge of a lifetime

Ellie was sponsored by Brit Sec after she raised some of her own funds by having a stall based at a local farm. Ellie has managed to raise her target of £3000 and in the summer of 2017 the team will depart for Borneo accompanied by a teacher and a World Challenge Leader who is responsible for ensuring their safety.

The students will alternate roles such as leader, accountant, cook, health and safety officer and transport coordinator, learning to operate efficiently as a team. During the 4 week expedition, they will complete acclimatisation, trek, project and rest and relaxation phases, with the detail of the itinerary being created by the students over the coming months.

Brit Sec Managing Director, David Kane said “It’s important that we always continue to focus on our corporate and social responsibility to engage positively with our local community and support and contribute to society as a whole. I believe this goes a long way in building trust and confidence in Brit Sec as a reputable and responsible business amongst our clients and the general public. We are all looking forward to hearing about Ellie’s adventures in Borneo and I’m sure this will enrich her life in terms of both experience and from a diversity perspective”.

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