wimbledon 2017

Brit Sec’s Dog Team at Wimbledon 2017

Brit Sec’s Dog Handling Team were selected to support G4S in their dog security services during Wimbledon 2017 to ensure another smooth year at the tennis championships. We’re pleased to say that the championships were a great success and Brit Sec were proud to be involved in another high-profile assignment.

Here are a few facts about Wimbledon 2017

Attendance (2017) Total attendance was 473,372 across 13 days

Capacity (grounds) 39,000 spectators in the grounds at any one time.

Catering Wimbledon is the largest single annual sporting catering operation (2200 staff) carried out in Europe. Average quantities of food and beverages served at The Championships are below.
330,000 cups of tea and coffee, 320,000 glasses of Pimm’s, 234,000 meals, 230,000 bottles of water, 110,000 pints of draught beer and lager, 86,000 ice creams, 76,000 sandwiches, 35,000 litres of milk, 30,000 pizzas, 29,000 bottles of champagne, 34,000 kg (166,000 servings) of English strawberries, 110,000 scones, 17,000 portions of fish and chips, 2,200 afternoon tea hampers, 10,000 litres of dairy cream, 2,200kg of bananas.

Hawk Rufus, a Harris Hawk, trained by Imogen Davis of Avian Control. Visits the Club most weeks in the year to provide a deterrent to local pigeons by making aware of a predator in the grounds to persuade them to roost elsewhere. Flies for one hour (9.00am) most mornings of The Championships before the gates open.

Racket Stringing Championships stringing team string on average over 2,000 rackets comprising 60% for men, 40% for women.  In total this adds up to over 40 miles of string.

Staff Around 6,000 staff are taken on for Championships, including:
Ball boys & girls: 250, Ball distributors: 9, Catering Staff: 2,200, Court attendants: 192, Data Collectors: 50, Dressing room attendants: 30, Facilities management: 54, Groundstaff: 31, Housekeeping staff: 400, Media staff: 22, Physio and massage therapists: 22, Podiatrists: 2, Referee’s Office: 16, Stewards (Honorary): 200, Stewards (Service & London Fire Brigade): 613, Transport service drivers: 348, Umpires, Chair and Line & management: 360.

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