West Midlands Police

Brit Sec puppies join West Midlands Police

Brit Sec’s first working dog breeding programme has had two puppies accepted for West Midlands Police training. We’re very proud to have produced such fantastic puppies.

West Midlands Police Dog Training

As in most other forces, West Midlands Police breed and train dogs to help them police the region.

Their dog training centre in Balsall Common, Solihull, offers courses tailored to suit the needs of individual forces or organisations. The kennels have been specifically designed with dog comfort and hygiene in mind. The centre offers high-quality competitively-priced dog and handler training to police services and other organisations.

West Midlands Police

Operational Police Dogs

WMP mainly use German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Herders as police dogs. Dogs and bitches selected for training must be healthy, of good temperament and no more than about two years old. Most importantly, they must be bold and courageous – without being too aggressive!

Dogs and their handlers start with a 12-week course, during which the dog is taught to follow a track or scent over various kinds of terrain. They are also taught to search for people or property which maybe hidden. The dog must be obedient both on and off the lead, and must be under the control of the handler at all times. It must also show courage and determination when detaining a person who is trying to run away, or who is armed.

At the end of the course the dog will be licensed to carry out full operational duties with its handler, but will still have regular training sessions.

When dogs reach about eight years of age they retire into the care of their handlers.

To find out more about Brit Sec’s dog breeding and security services, call Brit Sec on 01283 616123, email at info@brit-sec.co.uk or click here to use our contact form.