SmartTask service provision

Brit Sec invests in new technology to improve service provision

The key to a client receiving the best possible service provision is to ensure they’re supplied with the right number of security personnel in the right place – at the right time.

Ineffective resource allocation can be extremely detrimental to the objectives of both the supplier and client alike, so Brit Sec has implemented SmartTask, a leading-edge resource planning application, across its whole operation to ensure that levels of service are never compromised.

Keeping abreast of technological developments in order to enhance service is an important factor in ensuring that clients are receiving the best possible service. This is why Brit Sec continues to invest in its operational infrastructure.

The key advantages of SmartTask are:

  • It’s an advanced and easy-to-use employee scheduling and workforce management solution
  • It’s designed by industry experts to encapsulate British security best practice
  • The fast-track soft-service set up allows it to match contractual agreements
  • It can automate the roster generation process and the scheduling of shifts
  • It enables delivery of value-added services such as fire, safety and first aid equipment checks
  • It can define in-shift patrols using an intuitive workflow creation mechanism
  • It can certify employee attendance by using operational monitoring tools
  • It helps to boost contract compliance and therefore increase customer satisfaction

At a time when Brit Sec is rapidly expanding its operations, the implementation of the new software will allow the Operations Managers around the country to manage contract service delivery, improve operational control and quality, raise customer satisfaction, and support duty of care to staff.

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