Brit Sec Dog Unit goes from strength to strength

Brit Sec Dog Unit goes from strength to strength

The Brit Sec Dog Unit goes from strength to strength, winning a number of large, high-profile contracts across the country. Brit Sec’s dog handling division is continuing to expand rapidly with the recruitment and training of new and experienced staff and an investment in further vehicles and dogs.

Brit Sec is an Associate Member of NASDU – National Association of Security Dog Handlers and all staff are trained, or actively working towards, completion of the NASDU Level 2 Award for a Security Dog Handler. The dogs are also trained and assessed up to different levels of competency.

More dogs of the Belgian Malinios breed have been sourced and have undertaken training before being deployed with their new handlers. The latest additions to the team are Victor, who’s nearly two years old and already qualified to Level 2, and Rogue II who comes from a security background.

Brit Sec Dog Unit goes from strength to strength

New Brit Sec vehicles include general-purpose dog vans complete with bespoke cages and air conditioning, 4×4 vehicles, plus all-purpose welfare units which provide staff who are in the field with cooking, washing and sleeping facilities.

The care and wellbeing of the dogs is paramount, and Brit Sec’s kennels are currently being expanded and refurbished to accommodate the growing team and provide an even safer, more secure and comfortable setting for the hardworking canines. It is estimated that Brit Sec will have a team of 30 dogs by April 2017 making it an extremely important part of the business and places the company as a significant national service provider in the area of security dog handling.

A professional dog unit adds a significant extra dimension to any security provision, especially when dogs and staff are fully trained up to our stringent standards. This has been reflected in the increased number of clients who have commissioned Brit Sec to provide security services to protect their businesses.

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