Brit Sec Dog Section update

Brit Sec Dog Section update

February has seen a complete refurbishment being undertaken of the kennels which house Brit Sec’s formidable team of dogs.

All of the kennels have been renovated to make them more bespoke and provide even more comfortable accommodation for the hard-working dogs. In addition to this, extra kennels have been built to keep up with the rapid expansion of the Brit Sec Dog Section. Every care has been made to ensure the kennels are of the highest quality and that they are safe and secure homes for the dogs.

Investments have also been made in increasing the number of dogs in the team, with the following new arrivals:

Maya, an eighteen month old Dutch Herder.

Coby, a two and a half year old German Shepherd who is qualified at IPO2 (IPO is a three part sport which includes tracking, obedience and protection phases) and will complete his training with Brit Sec.

Yasko, who is a two year old German Shepherd with a working sport background – watch this space as Brit Sec have big plans for this dog!.

Brit Sec dog training

Brit Sec continue to invest in quality training for their Dog Handlers, who attend monthly sessions in order to continually improve their handling skills and the service we provide. The hard work and effort is attracting a growing number of clients and this will inevitably mean steady, continual growth of our dog section.

Career Opportunities – Dog Section update

In line with the overall investment in the dog section, Brit Sec is continuing to recruit experienced Dog Handlers, or individuals who possess the qualities to undertake training, into the role. Anybody interested in the vacancies within the dog section should forward their CV to and a member of staff will call back to discuss your interest.