close protection on jamie and jimmy's friday night feast

Brit Sec Close Protection Team in popular TV series

The results of Brit Sec’s Close Protection Officers hard work can be seen in the new series of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, which is currently being screened on Channel 4. Last summer, during an intense two week period, Steve Withers and Danny Mondesir worked selflessly to ensure a host of celebrity guests were kept safe and that filming went smoothly.

As always, the show is both interesting and entertaining and to make it even more exciting, Steve and Danny have appeared in these shows, placing two key faces of Brit Sec in front of millions of viewers!

This was the fourth consecutive year that the duo has worked on the show with Jamie Oliver, Jimmy Doherty and over 20 high profile celebrities. The two man Close Protection team had to overcome the many challenges involved in filming a very popular show in busy public places. The assignment involved travelling to various different locations, carrying out a full Close Protection detail for Jamie, Jimmy and their celebrity guests.

Brit Sec went the extra mile to ensure the very busy daily itinerary went to plan, and that the celebrities were kept safe from potential risk and overzealous fans.

Danny Mondesir, General Manager, who is responsible for the delivery of Brit Sec’s Leisure Security and Close Protection provision across the UK said, “The unique aspect of this assignment was the constant reactiveness to the last minute needs of the production team. Many of the locations were in the midst of the public domain and this, in turn, increased the level of risk significantly from a protection perspective. This made it far more challenging than an average isolated production, and gave us the opportunity to offer far more support to our Principles and the production team in order to get the job done. It truly is an honour and pleasure to work for Jamie Oliver and his team.”